Chili Cookoff
Saturday July 21st, 2007
Parker, Colorado

Alan Dean the the Holy Smokes Chili Cookoff

HOLY SMOKES we’ve had a Chili Cookoff. 

Hot, HOT and HOTTER was the order of the day for the First Annual Holy Smokes Chili Cookoff held July 21st in Parker Colorado.  This first annual event drew contestants from Wyoming, Colorado, California and CASI’s own Alan and Susan Dean represented Texas.   There were also a lot of local cooks trying their hand at chili for the first time.   With food vendors, kid’s activities, music, and a craft fair, there was plenty to keep the crowd entertained while the cooks tended their Chili Pots and Salsa Bowls.   

Soon it was time for the Salsa to be turned in.  With almost as many Salsa entries as Chili entries, the crowd was extremely pleased to have something cool and refreshing on this day that peaked in the high 90’s.  But this was just the “warm up”.  When the Green Chili was turned in, the crowd went wild.  Except for a couple of restaurants that made 10 Gallons of the southwest concoction, the majority of pots were bone dry in only a few minutes. 

The judges for this event were new to the world of chili as well.  They soon realized how special a Chili Cookoff can be.  This was evident with a judge from Norway who had never tasted Chili in her life.  Not only was she hooked on the fiery brew, she promised that she would return to the United States for next year’s event.  She was later seen collecting recipes and website addresses so she could recreate her favorites at home in Norway.

Alan Dean entertained the Red Judges with anecdotes of the chili world while they had the challenging task of determining the winners.  

When the crowd was full a hush fell over the event site.   And everyone knew, It was time to see who today’s champion would be.

 When the Cookoff organizers brought out beautiful hand crafted bowls and platters as trophies for the top 3 positions in all categories, the cooks were all hoping that they had given their creations just the right touch to put them over the top.

Green Chili and Salsa were both won by Steve Lee of Longmont.

The 2 Brothers Chili Team from Parker pulled down the Showmanship win.

Steve Lee made his way to the stage again to pick up 3rd place in the Red Chili Category.

The E.D. himself (Alan Dean) took down 2nd place.

And finally, Amy Hardesty of Aurora Colorado took the top honors for the day.

The event organizers would like to thank everyone who supported this event, from the cooks and judges to the very hungry public.  They would also like to invite back everyone for next year’s event which they promise will be bigger and better.


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Event Photos



And the Winners Are:
  CASI Red    
1 Amy Hardesty Aurora, Colorado  
2 Alan Dean Johnson City, Texas  
3 Steve Lee Longmont, Colorado  
4 Karen Hendricks Broomfield, Colorado  
5 Stephanie Lee Longmont, Colorado  
6 Tom Parish Cheyenne, Wyoming  
7 Janelle Spencer Roseville, California  
8 Susan Dean Johnson City, Texas  
9 Art Schoenman Longmont, Colorado  
10 Tara King Parker, Colorado  
1 Mark Tinsley 2 Brothers Chili Parker, Colorado
2 Tara King Tara's Red, Tara's Green Parker, Colorado
3 Rick Kacir Lighthouse Cafe Parker, Colorado
1 Steve Lee Longmont, Colorado  
2 Rick Kacir Parker, Colorado  
3 Tara King Parker, Colorado  
1 Steve Lee Longmont, Colorado  
2 Shunila Rae Parker, Colorado  
3 Rick Kacir Parker, Colorado