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Chili News

This is the place to find out, catch up, discover, seek, and generally get the dirt on the in's and out's of the Colorado Chili Pod.  From the Monthly Newsletter, to what's happening to our members outside our chili world.




Sep 24, 2016-008 - Edgewater CO
Be on the Edge Regional, 25 Chilis
1 John Montgomery, Golden CO
2 Lyman Wilkinson, Loveland CO
3 Rocky Kimball, Highlands Ranch CO
4 Gary Kuka, Parker CO
5 Juanita Romero, Wheat Ridge CO
6 Tim Berland, Evergreen CO
7 Karen Looney, Edgewater CO
8 Christi Batie, Loveland CO
9 Martha Torres, Wheat Ridge CO
10 Jenee Allen, Lakewood CO
1 The Chili Jone$, Lakewood CO
Jenee Allen
2 Tito’s Chili, Wheat Ridge CO
Juanita Romero
3 Chili Shack, The, Loveland CO
Lyman Wilkinson

Please let us know what's going on and we will share it with the other members!




Happy Birthday
Doug Ingerson May 22
Dorothy Evelyn May 29
Mike Tyfault June 16
Sandy Sanders June 22
Lyman Wilkinson June 26
Kyle Haberman July 3
Linda Harris July 3
John Reed July 10
Kai Batie July 15
Robert Batie August 6
Garry Kuka August 16
Julia Kimball August 31
Cheryl Pierson September 1
Don Sanders September 29
Rocky Kimball September 29
Michael Booth November 13
Scott Harris November 13
Barbara Reed November 18
Joe Holt November 21
Nate Chavez December 22
Doug Evelyn December 29