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20th Annual Chugwater Chili Cookoff

Wyoming State Championship

 Saturday June 18th, 2005 Chugwater, WY

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20th Annual Chugwater CCO

The skies were blue and the chili stewed.  Thousands of chili lovers gathered Saturday, at the Diamond Guest Ranch, for the 20th Annual Chugwater Chili Cookoff – a.k.a. the Wyoming State Chili Championship.  Things started swinging the night before with a cooks party BBQ.  It was a good time to catch up with our Pod members from across the border, The Texas border that is.  Alan and Susan Dean were up from sunny Texas to partake in this chili event.  Mel and Diane Fitzhenry were also on hand for the festivities.    Well after a night of fun and merriment, Things got underway the next morning.  Steve Lee made breakfast for the Pod Members, and friends, acquaintances, ex-lovers, aliens, Robert.  Seriously, though, he did make breakfast with Green Chili Omelet’s, Sausage, Tortillas, and Coffee.  After the cooks meeting was held and the goody bags handed out, things started to heat up. There was no shortage of cooks, crowd or chili on this fantastic June day.  When the crowd was not tasting chili, they were having fun at a plethora of other events that were being conducted all over the Ranch.  From roping to Jalapeño eating contests, all to the tunes of Partners in Rhyme and Danny Rogers & the Chugwater Band.     

    When all was said and done, The Colorado Chili Pod came away the big winners.  To start things off Steve Lee and his Warriors of the Crimson Pepper took 1st in Showmanship!

   Then it came to Green Chili, Don Sanders took 8th while Robert Batie placed 6th.  Steve Lee was awarded 1st place and Wyoming State Champion in the Green category. 

And finally it was time for the awards for Red Chili.  Julia Lampo came away with 10th Place.  Lyman Wilkinson took 7th.  Kyle Haberman pulled down 5th place while Steve Lee took 3rd.  Robert Batie was the big winner in the red category grabbing 2nd Place.  Way to Go Robert.   Julia Lampo was also awarded the “Greenhorn” award for best placement by a first time cook at Chugwater.   

The event wrapped up by a concert by Hwy 101 that went on into the night.  All in all a great weekend of Friends, Fun and Chili!



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Event Photos



And the Winners Are


1 Lynn Kober Powell Wyoming   6 Diane Fitzhenry Terlingua Texas
2 Robert Batie Loveland Colorado   7 Lyman Wilkinson Loveland Colorado
3 Steve Lee Longmont Colorado   8 Greg Reese Cheyenne Wyoming
4 Kyle Haberman Scottsbluff Nebraska   9 Steve Stuhr Highlands Ranch Colorado
5 Jim Smith Arvada Colorado   10 Julia Lampo Highlands Ranch Colorado


1 Warriors of the Crimson Pepper Steve Lee Longmont Colorado
2 Moms Chili Cheryl Rupp Scottsbluff Nebraska
3   Teesha Frederick Guernsy Wyoming

Chili Verde

1 Steve Lee Longmont Colorado
2 Judy Seals Hannah Wyoming
3 Steve Stuhr Highlands Ranch Colorado
4 Jim Smith Arvada Colorado
5 Cathy Robinson Aurora Colorado
6 Robert Batie Loveland Colorado
7 Kurt Guidice Chugwater Wyoming
8 Don Sanders Aurora Colorado
9 Chris Kaufman Denver Colorado
  Peoples Choice      
1 Salsa Sherri Danes Cheyenne Wyoming
1 Green Chris Kaufman Denver Colorado
1 Red Elliot Stafford Chugwater Wyoming
  Greenhorn Cook      
1 Julia Lampo Highlands Ranch Colorado